Epson Stylus Color II printcap entry

Epson Stylus Color II printcap entry

Post by Tony Porcz » Wed, 18 Sep 1996 04:00:00

Does anyone have a good printcap entry for Epson Stylus Color II?
I've used the GUI configurator on Red Hat, but the gs filter it
puts in the spool directory produces absurd font on my printer.
I've checked the Epson www site, but search for "printcap" produces 0
finds.  BTW, I've checked sunsite as well, but with no luck.


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1. Epson Stylus Color Printcap Entry?

If anyone has one... could they forward it my way please. Send it via
email in addition to posting so I don't miss it. Thanks!

What I've done is put an HP External Print Server (HP JetDirect EX Plus)
on the Epson Stylus Color 800... I want my linux box to service the
printer via IP. Will it? What do I need to do? I'm currently RTFM'ing this
stuff. :-) Email again please.

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Bill Pogue

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