How to remove a file that won't be deleted?

How to remove a file that won't be deleted?

Post by Robert Bergfor » Tue, 14 Jul 1998 04:00:00

I have a file that won't be removed in any way, nor will chmod, chown or anything
else affect the file in any way.
when trying to remove it, this following error is displayed:
rm: Operation not permitted
or then just the 'Permission Denied' message.
This is what it looks like:
-rw-r--r--   1 501      49152       12288 Jul 11 21:02  

I think the thunders may have something to do with this, the partition this file
is on (/usr) had lots of errors when I e2fsck:d it, the machine would'nt even boot
without a rescue disk. This one file persists, maybe others too.

Robert Bergfors

Remove the first part of the domain name.


1. 'delete' command in ftp delete files in local hard disk ???

I write a batch file in Windows to download some files from an
UltraSPARC running Solaris in a LAN. The files will be deleted after
it was retrieved. Currently, I generate a ftp script file in the batch
file and pass it to ftp with 'ftp -ivn < myfile.ftp' in Windows.

The ftp script generated will be something like this:

open <ip_address>
user <username> <pass>
cd <source_path>
lcd <dest_path>
get myfile1
delete myfile1
get myfile2
delete myfile2

Note that It is possible that the files are not available in the
UltraSPARC and it seems there is a bug in the ftp 'delete' command
(maybe in Windows environment).

The 'delete' command is supposed to delete the file in the REMOTE
environment, however, if the file does not exist in the UltraSPARC,
the 'delete' command will delete the file store in my LOCAL HARD DISK.

Is there anyway to prevent the 'delete' command to delete the files in
my local hard disk when it doesn't exist in thre UltraSPARC ?

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