GNU Fortran (g77) Version 0.5.19 Released

GNU Fortran (g77) Version 0.5.19 Released

Post by Craig Burle » Sun, 08 Dec 1996 04:00:00

This release includes many changes since 0.5.18.  A list is included

The primary focus of this release is to fix bugs in 0.5.18 and add
a few new features that are considered "safe".  0.5.19 is intended as
a drop-in replacement for 0.5.18, with no changes likely to significantly
affect code generation.

Not included in this release, but still in development, is support
for DEC Alpha (AXP) and fixes to COMPLEX support on certain machines.

information on plans for future releases.

    g77-0.5.18-0.5.19.diff.gz -- Patch file to apply to 0.5.18
    g77-0.5.19.tar.gz         -- Complete 0.5.19 distribution

NOTE: The patch file does not include patches to the Info documentation,
which is derived from the texinfo sources in the distribution (and
updated via the patch).  This is to reduce the size of the patch file.
If you don't have makeinfo version 1.67 (or more recent) installed
(distributed as texinfo-3.9.tar.gz), obtain and use the full distribution
instead.  However, it is definitely worthwhile having texinfo installed
and making full use of GNU Info documentation!

after first reviewing the documentation, and the .plan file
obtained by the "finger" or "ftp" commands described therein.

(GNU Fortran is a free replacement for the UNIX f77 Fortran compiler,
and is currently in beta testing.  To build it requires the GNU CC
source distribution, Version 2.6.3 through 2.7.)

        tq vm, (burley)

   * Fix `FORMAT' statement parsing so negative values for specifiers
     such as `P' (e.g. `FORMAT(-1PF8.1)') are correctly processed as

   * Fix `SIGNAL' intrinsic so it once again accepts a procedure as its
     second argument.

   * A temporary kludge option provides bare-bones information on
     `COMMON' and `EQUIVALENCE' members at debug time.

   * New `-fonetrip' option specifies FORTRAN-66-style one-trip `DO'

   * New `-fno-silent' option causes names of program units to be
     printed as they are compiled, in a fashion similar to UNIX `f77'
     and `f2c'.

   * New `-fugly-assumed' option specifies that arrays dimensioned via
     `DIMENSION X(1)', for example, are to be treated as assumed-size.

   * New `-fno-typeless-boz' option specifies that non-decimal-radix
     constants using the prefixed-radix form (such as `Z'1234'') are to
     be interpreted as `INTEGER' constants.

   * New `-ff66' option is a "shorthand" option that specifies
     behaviors considered appropriate for FORTRAN 66 programs.

   * New `-ff77' option is a "shorthand" option that specifies
     behaviors considered appropriate for UNIX `f77' programs.

   * New `-fugly-comma' and `-fugly-logint' options provided to perform
     some of what `-fugly' used to do.  `-fugly' and `-fno-ugly' are
     now "shorthand" options, in that they do nothing more than enable
     (or disable) other `-fugly-*' options.

   * Fix parsing of assignment statements involving targets that are
     substrings of elements of `CHARACTER' arrays having names such as

   * Fix crashes involving diagnosed code.

   * Fix handling of local `EQUIVALENCE' areas so certain cases of
     valid Fortran programs are not misdiagnosed as improperly
     extending the area backwards.

   * Support `gcc' version

   * Upgrade to `libf2c' as of 1996-09-26, and fix up some of the build

   * Change code generation for list-directed I/O so it allows for new
     versions of `libf2c' that might return non-zero status codes for
     some operations previously assumed to always return zero.

     This change not only affects how `IOSTAT=' variables are set by
     list-directed I/O, it also affects whether `END=' and `ERR='
     labels are reached by these operations.

   * Add intrinsic support for new `FTELL' and `FSEEK' procedures in

   * Modify `fseek_()' in `libf2c' to be more portable (though, in
     practice, there might be no systems where this matters) and to
     catch invalid `whence' arguments.

   * Some useless warnings from the `-Wunused' option have been

   * Fix a problem building the `f771' executable on AIX systems by
     linking with the `-bbigtoc' option.

   * Abort configuration if `gcc' has not been patched using the patch
     file provided in the `gcc/f/gbe/' subdirectory.

   * Add options `--help' and `--version' to the `g77' command, to
     conform to GNU coding guidelines.  Also add printing of `g77'
     version number when the `--verbose' (`-v') option is used.

   * Change internally generated name for local `EQUIVALENCE' areas to
     one based on the alphabetically sorted first name in the list of
     names for entities placed at the beginning of the areas.

   * Improvements to documentation and indexing.

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