Travan Colorado T1000 parallel device driver.

Travan Colorado T1000 parallel device driver.

Post by Micha?l Moerma » Mon, 15 Apr 1996 04:00:00


Has anybody worked yet on support for the Colorado T1000e Travan tape drive which can be connected to the
parallel port of the PC? If anybody has, or is working on it I would be most interested to hear of it.
If nobody has, I would like to know what documents and stuff I should read in order to write my own support for

                                                        Thanx to all,

P.S.: If at all possible, please respond through E-Mail.


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The subject says it all: I'm looking at purchasing a Micron Millenia
133.  For backup options, they either offer some way-too-expensive dat
drive or the HP Colorado T-1000 Travan.  Since I don't intend to keep
Win95 on my machine, the windows based backup software that comes w/ it
is useless....will i be able to use this drive w/ Linux?

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