(fwd) Re: Drive Survey (Western Digital Caviar)

(fwd) Re: Drive Survey (Western Digital Caviar)

Post by Joseph Tatr » Sat, 23 Dec 1995 04:00:00

I once bought an original qic80 conner backup drive.  It never worked
right except as a second drive (not a third drive as they advertized) and
even then not very well under os2.  My best suggestion is to buy a caviar
hard drive and or a colorado jumbo tape drive.  I recently bought a ditto
3.2 gig par-port tape drive that seems to work really great. The Arcada
software that came with it stinks though and as such I am open to
suggestions as to both dos and os2 software.
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> Subject: (fwd) Re: Drive Survey (Western Digital Caviar)

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> Subject: Re: Drive Survey (Western Digital Caviar)
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> >My best recommendation, however, came after my 1.2GB WD drive
> >developed a high pitched whine after only 6 months or so.  I called WD
> >and they were EXTREMELY helpful, FED EXed a new drive to my doorstep,
> >and even told me not to worry about recording the serial numbers and
> >such on the RMA ticket (they would do it for me at the factory since
> >my drive wasn't in front of me when I called). I always purchased WD
> >in the past because of quality, but the service was well beyond my
> >expectations.

> That beats Conner hands down. I returned a drive to Conner via Federal
> Express overnight delivery. Three weeks later I called to see what the
> hell was going on and ended up talking to the manager. He found the
> drive sitting in the warehouse and promised to ship it overnight via
> DHL. In all, I was promised the drive would be shipped overnight via
> DHL at least four times. It was *finally* shipped ground via United
> Parcel Service over three months later.

> Even worse, Conner refused to honor the warranty on the drive and kept
> (ie trashed) the original box. Because of this, and the length of time
> Conner kept the drive, Walmart also refused to exchange the drive. All
> I can say is that it'll be a cold day in hell before I buy another
> Conner product or anything from Walmart.

> The only reason I bought it at Walmart was because of the price,
> previous good service, and what used to be good exchange/refund
> policies. Boy did I ever get burned to a crisp.