ISA Device Drivers

ISA Device Drivers

Post by Hon Ye » Tue, 03 Dec 1996 04:00:00

I have a custom made data proceesing card which is presently driven DOS.
I like to control this card under Linux but does not know how to write a
device driver for it. I don't have any expriences writing drivers under
any OS. Can someone help me obtain information -tutorial, books etc to
get me started? Any help will be much appreciated.



1. ISA Device Driver Programming


I'm writing a simple device driver for x86 to work with a D/A board, and am
having some problems I was hoping someone could offer insight with.

The board is I/O port based, and has its registers from 0x320-0x32f. I am
able (on the same machine) to boot NT and use the board, so I know I am ok
on hardware conflicts/etc. I am using the regs= attribute (and the
ddi_put/get interface) to communicate with the board. The problem I am
having is with regs=1,0x320,0xf (or any other combination I've tried, for
that matter), every write appears to be going to nowhere and all reads
return 0xffff. I have sanity checked things by printing out the I/O ports
after I add offsets to them (to get at specific registers), and everything
/looks/ fine. Any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated. BTW:
I am compiling with gcc 2.95.1 on 7/x86.

thanks in advance
kris wehner

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