Getting > 8 bit color with Sparc Linux

Getting > 8 bit color with Sparc Linux

Post by Jeff Workma » Sat, 15 Jan 2000 04:00:00

Does anybody know how to get more than 8 bit color in 1152x900 with Sparc Linux
(RedHat 6.1) equipped with a GX framebuffer?



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1. getting >6bit significant bits in color specification

Has anyone amanged to get 8 bit color specification with XFree 3.1.1
under Linus using SVGA server running the C&T65545 driver?

I am running Linus 1.2.1 on a True Color (16 Million claimed) NEC Versa
M/100.  The XF86Config is configured for the Chips and Technologies
65545 chipset and 8bpp.  Xdpyinfo returns for all visuals:
available colormap entries:  256
Significant bits in color specification: 6bits

When I try to callibrate the monitor/LCD it is obvious that 192 out of
the 256 colormap entries are unavailable i.e. on 6bits=64 colors can be

Can anybody help me get theses other colors specification back.  If I
need to hack the C&T driver I am ready willing and able.

Many thanks

Michael Dalton

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