printing problems and RH 5.0

printing problems and RH 5.0

Post by Patric » Tue, 16 Jun 1998 04:00:00

I recently reinstalled RH (after screwing something up which I did not
know how to correct) and this time around, when asked if I had any SCSI
devices, I answered "yes" (I have a PPA Zip drive).  

I have an Epson Stylus Color 600 on lpt1 (OS/2) which, I believe,
translates into lp0 in Linux?  Anyway, I have not been able to print from
linux since the reinstall (and I did install printing support).  I have
tried printing to lp0, lp1, just using lp, and I have tried lpr, ANYTHING
to try to get my printer to function.

I thought I read somewhere that the PPA Zip drive screws up printing or
being able to use the printer (when connected together as mine are).  

So, what I ask is how do I get my printer working?  For that matter, even
though I have the zip installed and I can hear the click and spin up when
I boot to Linux indicating that it is accessing it, I cannot find a mount
for it.  Do I need to add and map my zip drive using the printer config
tool?  (I guess I always thought that mounting, etc, of scsi devices was

As for man pages and howtos, I have been reading them but have failed, so
far, in finding anything in them that will allow my printer to get up and
printing (at least with a PPA Zip drive also installed).

Thank you for any guidance.



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