Seagate 850 EIDE help

Seagate 850 EIDE help

Post by Hussein Kan » Sat, 27 May 1995 04:00:00

I have this new drive that is EIDE mode 4. It is a Seagate 850. WHen i
boot up Linux, it says there is a bad block on the drive. DOS recognizes
the driver perfectly, but Linux can't mount it. Can someone please help
me out?

Oh, one last thing. I have a QUantum730 SCSI. However, I can't get this
drive to read in DOS> It shows up in fdisk but it doesn't seem to work.
ANy ideas>
Hussein Kanji


1. Future Domain TMC-850 and seagate.o

I'm trying to get a Future Domain TMC-850 SCSI adaptor
working. I get the "Device or resource busy" error you
generally see with a resource conflict. I'm at loss to
explain this. The SCSI-HOWTO says that the seagate module
assumes IRQ 5 and probes for memory. The card is jumpered
for IRQ 5 and base address of 0xce000. I also explicitly


at boot time and still get the same complaint.

Why, O, why?

I'm also a little unclear about the relationship between
these addresses and the /proc/ioports stuff. Are these the
same animal? If so, how does one map addresses of the order
of 0xc8000 onto things round 0300 such as is found there?


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