GNU bc and GNU dc version 1.03 released.

GNU bc and GNU dc version 1.03 released.

Post by Phil Nels » Tue, 22 Nov 1994 22:05:18


Version 1.03 of GNU bc is now available for anonymous FTP from in bc-1.03.tar.gz (about 125k gzip'd).   Version 1.03
now contains GNU dc.

bc is an interactive, arbitrary precision language.  It includes
arbitrary precicion numbers on both sides of the decimal point, for
statements, while statements, if statements, assignment statements,
arrays, functions and other language elements.  It includes a math
library for sine, cosine, arctan, e**x, ln(x), and Bessel functions.

dc is an interactive, arbitrary precision stack based calculator.  It
includes most of the standard things expected for a calculator.

GNU bc is mostly compliant with the POSIX.2 standard, and also has many
extensions: multi-character variable names, else clauses, formatted
output, break statements, continue statements, more C like for
statements, last variable, a read function, halt (executable) statement,
and array parameters.

This version fixes all known bugs in bc.  It also introduces a version
of dc that uses the GNU bc arithmetic routines.

GNU bc/dc have a major advantage over most other bc implementations in
the following ways:
  a) POSIX.2 compliant
  b) NO KNOW problems with the arithmetic routines.  (See the file
        Test/BUG.bc for an example of a calculation that fails on most
        bc processors that does not on GNU bc.  Similar results can
        be generated for dc.)
  c) Extensions that make bc much more readable. (Long variable names.)

Major Changes from bc-1.02:

  a) Inclusion of dc.
  b) Minor bug fixes in output routines.

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