gcc signal 11 (segfault) and other problems with Linux 1.1.70

gcc signal 11 (segfault) and other problems with Linux 1.1.70

Post by William S » Sat, 24 Dec 1994 13:06:01

Has anyone else experienced problems when trying to compile Linux 1.1.7x kernel (actually any programs)
receiving random signall 11 (segmantation fault) from gcc?  I am running the stock Slackware 2.0 installation,
minus the upgrade to Linux kernel 1.1.70.  Therefore I have gcc 2.5.8 and versions of libc and libg++ that are
standard in Slackware 2.0.

I see there is a newer version of gcc out there (2.6.2), should I be using that version?

Please send any responses via email and I will post a followup with answers later.



1. Problems compiling 1.1.70 pci bios / boot up.

Hi, I just downloaded the Linux Kernel 1.1.70. I have tried recompiling it
and if I include pci bios support, it bombs out. I found one error where the
include statement for pci.h was pointing in the wrong directory. I believe that
was in ksymb.c, but I do not remember off hand. That enabled me to get through
make dep. I keep getting this error:

Kernel/kernel.o: Undefined symbol_pcibios_find_class
                 referenced from data segmem

Any suggestions???
If I leave out pci bios support it compiles fine! I did

make mrproper
make config
make dep
make clean
make zImage
make zlilo

ALSO I get an error on booting.
Error: module's `kernel_version' doesn't match the current kernel.
       Check the module is correct for the current kernel, then
       recompile the module with the correct `kernel_version'.      
Loading it anyway...
_ftape_big_buffer undefined
_do_floppy undefined

It still boots, but it would be nice to overcome this message.

Please post if you got any ideas.

THanks in advance!!!

-Dan Simon

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