pentium gcc compile problems

pentium gcc compile problems

Post by Tom Mill » Mon, 14 Aug 1995 04:00:00

I am trying to compile the pentium-2.5.8p gcc compiler I downloaded from  I am having a few problems I don't understand, and
wonder if someone could shed some light on them.  I run a Pentium 100 PCI
with 16 MB Ram, Slackware distribution of Linux with gcc 2.5.8.

I unpacked the tar file in /usr/src so it ended up in a directory
/usr/src/gcc-2.5.8p.  I ran configure with options --host=i486-linux
--target=pentium-linux.  I do have to cross compile first, correct ?  I
edit Makefile to define 'CC=/usr/bin/cc' and 'AR=/usr/bin/ar' to make
sure the existing compiler is used.  I killed the '-O' flag, but it still
has the same errors:

1: Probably not important - "combine.c:12973 Warning
'try_forwards_replace' was defined implicitly 'external' and later

2: This one kills the compilation: "mv libgcc1.a: No such file or
directory.  You must find a way to make libgcc1.a".  Sure enough, there
is no 'libgcc1.a' on my machine.  There is a 'libgcc.1 and libgcc.c' in
the source for the new compiler.  Do I need to download other libraries
?  I hope not, It is taking about 50 MByte now for this process.

I would appreciate any guidance.

*                    Tom Miller                    *
*                    Berea, OH                    *


1. GCC-i2.6.3 compiling (gcc with pentium optimiz's) PLEASE HELP US!!

:>Has anyone managed to build GCC-i2.6.3 ?
:>I've been playing around with it the last few days but I haven't gotten
:>it to work well.
:>I'm running Linux 1.2.5 and I've got gcc-2.6.3, and I've gotten the
:>pentium version to compile, but it won't compile the kernel (or itself)
:>without ending on "internal compiler error"
:>I unpacked it into a subdirectory under root, and ran configure. I
:>compiled it (make -- so it builds everything), and did stage2 and even
:>once a stage3 compile (with -O2 -mpentium options), and it creates xgcc.
:>However, the resulting compiler doesn't work very well -- as I said, it
:>stops with the error I described.  (yes, cmp and bison are installed).
:>More to the point, is it worth it?   Is anyone here running a pentium
:>optimized kernel (or applications)?  If so, are they visibly faster
:>and are they stable?
:>It's been said that the kernel won't compile with -O4 -mpentium, but
:>will -O3 work?
:>Mark Orr


Yes! I am having the *exact* same problem and I cannot for the life of me
figure out how to compile this new damn compiler.

If any compiler gurus out there know what the heck Mark and I are doing
wrong when compiling this i2.6.3 I would really appreciate it if you would
post the answers here as I think most of us pentium owners would be
interested in moving up to gcc-i2.6.3. (NOTICE: *i*2.6.3 it is *not* the
same compiler that comes with slackware 2.2.0 as I have gotten a lot of
people responding to my previous post on the subject saying to just get

I have a pentium 100 and I would just love to go on an i2.6.3 compiling
binge and recompile everything I have to run faster :-)

Thanks for you help anybody and sorry I don't have an answer for you
Mark... we're in the same boat with no oars... or a compiler.

BTW shouldn't the i2.6.3 compiler Makefile use "gcc" to make the new stuff
instead of "cc"? What's the difference between the two when cc is really
just a link to gcc and why won't "gcc" make the new compiler?? (it just
dies on _multi in libgcc.a or something like that)?

- Jeff Wiegley

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