LOCAL: Tuesday 7 December 1999 Meeting of LXNY: Special Interest Groups

LOCAL: Tuesday 7 December 1999 Meeting of LXNY: Special Interest Groups

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LXNY will have a general meeting Tuesday 7 December 1999.

This meeting is free and open to the public.

The meeting runs from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm.  After the meeting full and
precise instructions on how to get to one of our traditional places of
refreshment will be given in clear.

Thanks to support of the IBM Corporation, the meeting is at their building
at 590 Madison Avenue at East 57th Street on the Island of Manhattan.
Enter the building at the corner of Madison and 57th and ask at the desk
for the floor and room number.

This meeting is mostly an organizational meeting for volunteers who wish
to help organize Special Interest Groups.  A Beginner's SIG, a Distributed
Computing SIG, and a Database SIG have all been suggested.  SIGs need not
be chartered for an indefinite lifetime but may be set up to run for a
specified period of time and/or number of meetings.

Volunteers have discovered that running a SIG tends to take somewhat more
time and effort than they first thought, so we are looking for enthusiasts
who can make the time.

In addition to the work of volunteers most SIGs need one more thing that
is in short supply: a place to meet, which often in practice means a

The Bazaar, New York's Free Software Blowout, will be at the Javits
Convention Center for three days:  14, 15, and 16 December 1999.

The Bazaar will have an extraordinary range of classes, panels, meetings,
and Keynote Addresses.  Free passes to the exhibits and certain of the
events will be given out at this meeting.

LXNY will have a booth at The Bazaar and we need help.  If you would

"volunteer" in the subject line.


As always at general discussion meetings:

All who wish to volunteer to bring Free Software into schools and
libraries are invited.

All who wish to tell of successes of Free Software are invited.
All who wish to tell of failures of Free Software are invited.

Upcoming Events:

Dave Shields, an author of the Jikes Java compiler, and point hacker of
IBM on the free software front, will speak at both The Bazaar and the next
NYLUG meeting, which is on Wednesday 15 December 1999.


Philip Wadler, of the Functional Cabal^W^W^W^Wserious compiler and
categorical hacker, and one of the designers of Haskell, the pure, not
strict, functional programming language with monads for input/output, will
speak at the LXNY meeting on Tuesday 4 January 2000.


The next LinuxWorld Expo will be held at The Javits Convention Center
1 February through 4 February 2000.  The rumor that the few remaining
large vendors of source secret OSes will sign the Instruments of Surrender
at this trade show has neither been confirmed nor denied.


We do not yet know the exact date of the next Refund Day, but it will be
held some time before 2 February 2000.  The refund clause of the End User
Licensing Agreement used by most vendors of IBM style peecees is still
not honored by many of the large vendors.  This will shortly be corrected.


For more events see Casandra's list at


LXNY will meet regularly the first Tuesday of each month at IBM throughout
2000.  LXNY and its supporters thank IBM for the donation of this meeting

Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.