OPTi 82C931

OPTi 82C931

Post by Foo Kwong Le » Fri, 17 Mar 2000 04:00:00


I managed to get the subject soundcard working in Red Hat Linux 6.1
(Kernel : 2.2.12-20). It was installed with sndconfig. However, the
equalizer bars in xmms or x11amp have no effect. When in W95, the setup
works fine in Winamp.

Has anyone who uses this soundcard experienced this problem?




1. RealPlayer and OPTi 82C931 soundcard?


I'm pretty much a newbie to Linux, running RedHat 5.2 on a Pentium
II/333. I have an OPTi 82C931 PnP soundcard, that sort of seems to work
after selecting the MAD16 Pro driver with the sndconfig utility. With
RealPlayer 5 however, many files won't play (ie. the sliders and the
time indication on the player move but there is no sound).

I can play some files by selecting the 8-bit option in the RealPlayer.
Obviously, I'd rather like for the RealPlayer to play 16-bit audio. Does
anybody know if it's possible to get RealPlayer to function better with
my Linux system?

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