arpwatch -> reboot

arpwatch -> reboot

Post by Daniel Su » Sun, 04 Mar 2001 10:00:17

Hi All,

I had a RedHat 7.0 machine and it runs smoothly until one day when I
initiate the arpwatch daemon, it reboots itself overnight. Can anyone
explain what had happened?



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We have approximatly 120 SUN workstations running Solaris 2.6 and it
happens that we wish to take all of them down simultanously to prom-mode
and cut the power so that all of them comes back when the power comes
I have written a script that logs in on each machine and do init 0
which should do what we want, but ~30% of them panics and then
reboots. This happens on all our models SS4, Ultra 1, 10 and 5.

Do anyone have any ideas why this happens or how to cure it?


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