redhat support

redhat support

Post by Mladen Gavrilovi » Sun, 11 Jul 1999 04:00:00

I registered for redhat's online support thing a few days ago, and sent
them a question I had about my Linux OS.  A few days later, I got a
response from a guy who said he'd send it to a level 2 tech, and that
they've been having technical difficulties so responses might take
longer than usual.  But this stuff should only last a few hours (system
downtime) or a day at the most right?  I still don't have a reply from
them, after more than a week of waiting.  Does anyone else have this
problem?  Should I send them another ticket, in case the first one got
messed up somehow?




1. Problem "beyond the ability" of redhat support =) -- telnet and redhat 6.0


I have setup my linux box and everything except telnet works ok.
When I do a telnet to my computer it actually opens and stablishes a
connection and i get to see in my terminal the contents of the
file, but i doesn't show me the log in prompt!!!!  it gets stuck there and
later on closes my connection because of time out...

now, the PATH is ok: /bin
the login program is working all right too, i have tested it several times
the permissions in /bin/login are ok too.
i also tried telling telnet where login lives wit the "-D /bin/login"
i called redhat support and they told me that this problem is "beyond their
ability" and refered me to this newsgroup...  =)  (no kidding!!!)

any ideas?


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