NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 8 May 2002 NYSA: David Feldman on Enterprise Architectures for Mid-Sized Companies

NYC LOCAL: Wednesday 8 May 2002 NYSA: David Feldman on Enterprise Architectures for Mid-Sized Companies

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Topic:    Enterprise Architectures for Mid-Sized Companies
Speaker:  David Feldman
Date:     Wednesday, May 8, 2002
Time:     6:00PM for NYSA Administratvia
          6:30PM for Presentation
Location: Legato, 125 Maiden Lane, 2nd Floor. There will be no sign
          in lobby of building, if you are unsure, ask the guard.


  Enterprise Architectures for Mid-Sized Companies

  Rather than concentrating on the nuts-and-bolts which we are all so familiar
  with, this presentation concentrates on the process of being the Systems
  Architect for a mid-sized company, followed by a concrete example of how
  this process effects the resulting system designs.  The following areas will
  be touched upon:
     *  What is an Enterprise Architecture and what is the role of the
        Systems Architect?
     *  What management issues must the Architect deal with in order to be
     *  What key lessons have been learned?
     *  What architectureal principals seem to be most important?
     *  How does documentation play a central role?
     *  A basic design integrating the networking, UNIX and Windows
     *  A detailed example of one key aspect of the architecture: E-mail.

  This example was chosen because it ties together many distributed
  pieces into a single unified system based on architectural
  standards.  The emphasis will be on how the standards and the
  design interact with one another.


  David Feldman began his career at the University of Pennsylvania where he
  attended as an undergraduate and worked in the Distributed Systems Lab (DSL)
  as well as the General Robotics and Active Sensory Processing (GRASP)  Lab.
  He moved on to Telecommunications where he worked as the senior systems
  administrator for ATX Telecommunications in Philadelphia.  Making the jump
  to Wall Street, David has worked for D.E. Shaw, Merrill *, Deutsche Bank
  and Morgan Stanley.

  David joined Tudor Investment Corporation, a premier hedge fund, in 1997 and
  is currently Vice President of Systems Architecture.  He is directly
  responsible for the long-term design and development of all computer,
  network and data communication systems world-wide.  In particular, he is
  responsible for strategic project planning, maintenance of documentation,
  and is known by management as the "guru of gurus".

  David has given other presentations in the past including presentations to
  NYSA on E-mail and Systems Management. David sits on the NYSA Board and was
  recently voted to the Position of Vice President of NYSA.

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