Linux Installs

Linux Installs

Post by Stanislaw Flatt » Mon, 10 Jan 2000 04:00:00

It is interesting that we arrive at completely opposite results.
Mine first encounter with Linux happened few years ago ( when Win 95  was young).

I got the package which included few distros and from curiosity tried them all.
For a greenhorn (modern terminology - newbie) not one of them was easy.
But the Red-Hat installation procedure reminded me so much of MS-Windows95
attitude "Just sit there (you idiot) and admire our performance" that till today
I have
aversion to Red Hat distros. (The Red Hat 6 CD is collecting dust on my shelf).
Slackware on the other hand, even using the very primitive (if you make a mistake

you cannot go back) installation procedure, at least assumed that you can read.
In meantime SuSE was born with Yast. This takes time to adjust, and to improve
your German, as some parts of help AND the SuSE Linux 6.2 book are in this
But in 6.2 they put out a very impressive distro.
(After full installation I went back to Slak 4 - it felt like the old comfortably
And this is the real beauty of Linux - it is as if you are on a party and a tray
of black bread
and cheese sandwitches is passing - you look at the tray for 15 seconds choosing
which one
to pick -  each of us can find her/his (European upbringing) preferences.
So as the SuSE slogan goes "Have a lot of fun..."


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