Diconix inkjet printer?

Diconix inkjet printer?

Post by Chris Shent » Wed, 03 Aug 1994 03:27:45

I got an old surplus Diconix (Kodak) inkjet printer: tiny little thing
that accepts fan-fold, tractor-feed, etc, and can run off batteries.
The ink has bled all over the inside, but it doesn't look broken. It's
got a parallel interface.

I see from the Linux FAQs that some of you have gotten Linux to talk
to the Diconix. Can you enlighten me as to how? I've never tried to
plug anything into the serial cable, so I'm pretty ignorant here. I
can speak printcap...

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I recently downloaded StarOffice 4.0 and installed this application into
Linux. Unfortunately StarOffice uses PostScript, Their documentation mentions
something about a filter, This is something I don't know how to do; I got
printing to work under lpr but that is as far as it goes.

I can print from Staroffice but all I get is garbage even when I follow their
instructions for specifing a specific Printer.

My Printer is a Canon BJC-600e if that helps. Currently I save the file to a
*.ps and then use Ghostview to open and print the file, this seems to me a
long way to do this. Any help would be appreciated even if its pointing me to
documentation on printing filters , etc.



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