CVS repository for common files

CVS repository for common files

Post by Ben Ellisto » Sun, 11 Apr 1999 04:00:00

I would like to announce the existence of an anonymous CVS repository for
"common" files belonging to the GNU Project.  What we mean by "common"
files is files that exist in most, or all, GNU software packages.
Examples include: mkinstalldirs, standards.texi and config.guess.

These files are maintained at the FSF under RCS control, but to make the
distribution of the latest versions of these files easier, an anonymous
CVS repository has been created.  You should use this read-only repository
as a way of collecting the latest versions of these files prior to
releasing a new version of a package.

Here's how to check out these files:

{enter an empty password}

Thanks to Alexandre Oliva for getting this repository created!

Ben Elliston


1. Distributed CVS -- Synchronizing Multiple CVS Repositories

Distributed Concurrent Versions System (DCVS) Technology Preview

   DCVS extends the well-known version control system
   CVS and the file distribution and synchronization program
   CVSup with functionality to distribute CVS repositories
   with local lines of development and handle synchronization of
   the distributed repositories automatically in the background.

   DCVS is completely open source (BSD and GNU license); a
   first technology preview release is now available from
   elego Software Solutions GmbH, Berlin, Germany at

   Some information is also available from the product pages of
   CM Magazin, a German language SCM portal site:

   If you have ever wondered how to synchronize your distributed
   CVS repositories and allow local lines of development, this
   is the way to go.

   The sources now available contain only the minimum of
   needed functionality and require some know-how to set up
   correctly; we're currently looking for testers who will
   work with us to stabilize the software before continuing
   development in such areas as easy configuration, setup,

   If you are interested in DCVS or willing to participate in
   a beta test phase, please drop us a line.

   DCVS has been developed on FreeBSD 4.6; currently we provide
   binaries for FreeBSD and Linux.
elego Software Solutions GmbH                           HRB 77719

Ohmstra?e 9                               Tel: +49 30 40 04 19 29
10179 Berlin                              Fax: +49 30 23 45 86 95
Cranachstra?e 7                           Tel: +49 30 85 58 01 81
12157 Berlin                              Fax: +49 30 85 58 01 88
  ------------------> WWW:

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