Problem with RAID

Problem with RAID

Post by zeus.polsl.gliwice.p » Sun, 10 Sep 2000 17:38:30

I need help to set RAID1. While system is working on the screen shows
that unexpected IRQ or no DRQ after read or writes. This is only when
both of hard disks are on the other IDE 0 and IDE 1. When they are on
the same IDE for example IDE0 everything is OK. I need run it on the
diffrent IDE. How can I do it??

Please for fast help.


1. Problem loading RAID 410 Host Adapter device driver !!!!!

        Storageworks RAID Array 410
        Axil 320 ( Sun Clone ) running SunOS 4.1.4


1. RAID Array 410 Host adapter has been installed in SBus slot 0.
2. show-sbus shows that the adapter has been installed in SBus slot 0.

So far so fine.

3. Next, I try to install the device driver for the Host adapter
( ptisp.o ). I've followed the instructions from the
'Getting  Started - Installation Guide'

and have rebuilt the kernel and rebooted the system.

4. The Kernel config file has the entry:

device-driver ptisp     #PT-SBS440A FWD SCSI Device Driver


scsibus1 at ptisp
disk sr4 at scsibus1 target 5 lun 0

5. Here comes the PROBLEM:

For some reason, on boot up, it DOES NOT come up with :

ptisp0 at SBus slot 0 0x800000 pri x

Because the host adapter driver fails to load, the driver for
the disks don't get loaded.

I've double-checked what I've done and I can't figure out why
the ptisp.o fails to get loaded.

I'd appreciate any help in solving this problem.

Thanks heaps

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