Bad stuff happening; can't add new users, change passwords, etc

Bad stuff happening; can't add new users, change passwords, etc

Post by Jeeve » Thu, 07 Aug 1997 04:00:00

Earlier today I tried adding a new user with 'adduser', and it went
through all the normal prompts up to where it says, "blah blah blah
press ENTER to create the new user, or ctrl-c to bail out etc etc". When
I pressed enter, the following ouput was output:
chfn: Unknown user <newusername>

passwd: unknown user <newusername>

Following the instructions given in the Linux System Administrator's
Guide, I tried creating the new user by hand. All was fine until I tried
to give the new user a password. After entering the password and
confirming it, the passwd file gave the error:

Cannot lock the password file; try again later.

What's going on here?

Secondly, of less importance, is the fact that, for some reason, I can
no longer reboot the system with 'shutdown -rf now', which used to work.
Now, if I do that, it says:

The system is going down for reboot NOW !!
blah blah
init: cannot create /etc/initrunlvl
INIT: no more processes left in this runlevel
(system freezes)

Pressing ctrl-alt-del after it freezes makes it reboot, with some new
messages, including the text 'Falling back on default routines'. The
rest of the text goes by so fast that I can't read it. Can anyone help?


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When ever I add a news user on my SCO OSR5 (.0.2) system, the symlink
from /etc/passwd to /var/opt/K/SCO/Unix/5.0.2Dp/etc/passwd, and
sometimes for /etc/group as well.  If I use the utility in ScoAdmin to
fix the discrepancies, the my password and group files will not have the
proper info, ie the user(s) just added.  Why is the updated file being
written to /etc/passwd instead of the file the link points to?  Or is
this normal behavior?

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