Miscellaneous Linux 2.2 questions

Miscellaneous Linux 2.2 questions

Post by Andy Pipe » Tue, 09 Mar 1999 04:00:00

I've been running with kernel 2.2.1 for a couple of weeks now,
and in my spare time working my way through all of the
documentation for it to make sure I've tweaked all the right bits
in my setup to get things to work the way they're now supposed
to. However, I have one or two small questions:

1) This framebuffer stuff. I've compiled the relevant options,
created the /dev/fb* character devices manually using mknod,
downloaded fbset... however, I don't get a logo at boot, and
whenever I try to use fbset I get the message 'open
/dev/fb0current: Operation not supported by device', and in
/var/log/messages I get 'modprobe: can't locate module fb0'.

I'm using an STB Nitro 3DFX card, which is S3V-based. There's
nothing in the documentation for the card which indicates whether
it is VESA 1.2 or 2.0 compliant, should I therefore assume that
it must be the former, which is why all the cool new bits aren't

2) ADFS support - is it true that ADFS floppies cannot be read on
PC hardware?

3) kerneld and kmod - now that the new kernel module support is
present, should I disable kerneld altogether in my init scripts?

4) ipfwadm, ipchains and demand dialing. Whenever I bring up a
PPP connection it says (demand dialing) in the /var/log/messages
file. Do I still need diald or is this all automatic now? and do
I need ipfwadm or should I only use ipchains?

I thought I was doing quite well with all of this, but with the
questions it probably doesn't look that way!

Cheers for any help offered.



Fareham, Hampshire


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I recently installed Slackware 3.0 and am very impressed.  There are a couple
of minor things I'm having trouble figuring out, and I would appreciate some
assistance.  I apologize if some of these questions are related to Unix and
not necessarily Linux...but a thick Linux book has been ordered for me!

1) I've been trying to get TIN to use my NNTP server.  I type:
   set NNTPSERVER my.news.server ; export NNTPSERVER  -- I've also tried
   set NNTPSERVER=my.news.server ; export NNTPSERVER  -- and many other permutations

For some reason, it doesn't seem to work.  After going "set NNTPSERVER
my.news.server" and then typing "set" to see all the variable settings, I get
a "_=my.news.server".  Even a "set foo hello" would result in the
"_=my.news.server" being changed to "_=hello".  Is set broken?

2) When I try to use the "talk" or "ntalk" commands, I get:
   Error on read from talk daemon : Connection refused (111)

Any ideas?

3) I'm trying to get X-Windows working, but always come up against:
   Fatal server error:  Cannot open mouse (Device or resource busy).

The mouse *does* work on the normal console.  Could that be why?  How can I
get around it?

4) I gave my machine a name before, and recently changed it.  The login
prompt, hostname, internet e-mail, *everything* reflects the new name...but
on boot-up, the old name is displayed along with all the startup messages.  I
have tried to find the file that is displaying it, but to no avail.  Is
perhaps the name actually compiled right into the kernel as well?

5) My version of Linux is now in a controlled environment.  I do not wish to
sit in a freezing room so that I can use X.  Can I somehow use X from my
Windows-based PC, or perhaps from a DEC Alpha machine (running X as well)?

Any information would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks in advance!

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