CAD & SPICE programs

CAD & SPICE programs

Post by F L » Thu, 30 Jul 1998 04:00:00

Has anyone done an objective comparison between the two Linux CAD
prograns (VariCAD & LinuxCAD I believe) and programs like AutoCAD Lite
and TurboCAD Professional?

Are there any SPICE programs like Circuit Maker and Elctronics
Workbench?  These programs have very good GUI's - which is why I'm

Thank you for any helpful information and my appologies if this append
shows up twice.



1. CAD & Spice programs for Linux

Two questions - has anyone done an objective comparison between the two
CAD programs for Linux (Linux CAD & VariCAD) vrs. AutoCAD Lite and
TurboCAD Professional?

I know there are some spice modeling programs available, but are there
any like Electronics Workbench or Circuit Maker?  They both include a PC
card design program (as an option).

Thanks for any helpful information.


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