Anyone Successfully run COPS on a Linux Box?

Anyone Successfully run COPS on a Linux Box?

Post by corbi » Thu, 17 Aug 1995 04:00:00

> Please let us know as well we have beenn hearing about this program

>> I'm attempting to run Dan Farmer's COPS (automates sucurity checking)
>> with little success. I'm wondering if anyone has successfully done so on
>> a Linux Box.

>> - Nelson

I've been running the sh version of cops 1.04 on my Linux box at home
for a week or so with no major problems.  

Make sure the environment variables in the scripts point to the
right utilities ( the reconfig script should do that automagically ).
Also make sure you've modified the lines in cops and suid.chk that
point to the secure directory and the person that gets mailed reports.

If you're not using the yp* utilities, you may want to rename them,
or hack the scripts that are modified when they find yp* utilities
(I think there were two or three - ftp.chk for one) - the yp switches
cause these scripts to bomb if you're not really using yp.

You'll probably have to update the suid.stop file to reflect your box.

The output from bug.chk is a little freaky (on my machine, anyway),
haven't gotten around to chasing that down...

Another hint:  When a script bombs on an error, it doesn't get reported
in the report form!  For instance, say ftp.chk is bombing over the yp
switch - the report will show something like:

 ********* FTP.CHK *********
 ******** PASSWD.CHK *******
Warning!  User foo's directory /tmp is writeable 01777!  (or whatever)

If you didn't know any better, you might assume ftp.chk ran fine and
found no errors... 8*(

I strongly recommend running each one of the cops checks manually
at least once - if there are no bugs, the routines will exit quietly.

The few problems I found were pretty trivial to patch up...
If none of the above work, email me and we'll compare notes...

Good Luck!      //Brent