lpd core dumps;Redhat 4.0

lpd core dumps;Redhat 4.0

Post by David A. Uhrenholdt x73 » Mon, 27 Jan 1997 04:00:00

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I have a problem where lpd core dumps

If I issue the command

man -t -man ...|lpr -t

lpd core dumps

on the line printjob.c (line 580)
        if ((av[0] = rindex(prog, '/')) != NULL)
                av[0] = prog;

The reason it core dumps is the variable prog is NULL.
It is supposed to point to the TF (troff filter) program.

This points to 2 bugs.

1) lpd shouldn't core dump just because a filter isn't defined.
   Does anyone know where such bugs are reported?  I am not
   familiar with the NetBSD/FreeBSD organizations.

2) I am using a fairly vanilla version of Redhat 4.0 Linux.  I
   could not find any reference to a troff filter in any of the
   documentation I looked through.  Is there a troff filter I
   can use?  Is it part of Redhat?  Or is there a flaw in the
   Redhat distribution?


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