looking for tape backup program 'afio'

looking for tape backup program 'afio'

Post by Derek L » Wed, 13 Sep 1995 04:00:00

I just installed ftape and am looking for
some good backup software. I read somewhere
that using compressed tar files is a bad
idea, and that a program called 'afio'
was much better because it could individually
compress the files. The poster said
to look for 'afio.2.4.tgz' in the
sunsite.unc.edu archive. I can't seem to locate
this file anywhere. Any help would
be greatly appreciated.



1. afio won't work with tape backup

I made a tape backup with a program that uses afio, and when I upgraded
to Linux v.2.4.18, I found I couldn't restore the backup. When I run
the command afio -r /dev/nht0, it reports the following:

afio: "/dev/nht0" [offset 0]: Input/output error
afio: "/dev/nht0" [offset 6]: Fatal error:
afio: "/dev/nht0": Unrecognizable archive

I can, however, run mt successfully with the tape drive:
mt -f /dev/nht0 tell yields "at block [block no.]". Except that mt
seek eod won't work, nor will mt seod or mt eod. These commands cause
mt to hang.

I can run tar successfully on the tape, and have made one good backup
so far after upgrading.

Another odd discovery I made is that "mt status" reports the tape as
as SCSI 2 tape drive, even though I didn't compile module support for
st. Only ide-tape is available as a module on my system. I have an
IDE tape drive.

Does anyone have any ideas about how I can get afio to work with the
tape drive?

Gary Krupa

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