Help with X and MS Inport Bus Mouse

Help with X and MS Inport Bus Mouse

Post by Hal Star » Wed, 03 Jan 1996 04:00:00

I had this working once but I reinstalled and am not sure I have my XF86Config setup right for a Microsoft Inport Busmouse. It works fine with selection at the console but when I start X its all over the screen ( the pointer ) and when I exit X I get a message that says "warning unable to get status of Mouse fd (Invalid argument)". Could someone shoot me their XF86Config for the bus mouse?

Its complied into the kernal by the way.

Thanks in advance. Hal


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I have an MS InPort Mouse. It is from an early vintage, a "Dove Bar" SN
I have it hardware configured at Interrupt 5.
The mouse works correctly under the DOS mouse driver and passes hardware

I am Running RedHat Linux i386 v 5.2
I have read through and tried the combinations from the BusMouse-HOWTO
Specifically, I have booted with the LILO parameter > linux bmouse=5
Startup messages confirm that interrupt 5 is assigned to the bus mouse:
"Logitech bus mouse detected, using IRQ 5" Followed by:
"ATI Inport Bus mouse detected and installed."
gpm gives an error on startup " gpm: /dev/mouse : Operation not supported by
My /dev/mouse is a link to /dev/inport which is at major device number 10,
minor 2.
I have tried using XF86Setup and configuring the mouse as:
Busmouse, Microsoft, Logitech as suggested by the HOWTO

None of it works.
Any ideas making the little beast operate?

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