Using HP Scanjet IICX & 3C on Linux

Using HP Scanjet IICX & 3C on Linux

Post by Ben Lippo » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

>Some time ago, I read something about a program to access the HP
>Scanjet IICX via the generic SCSI device in Linux.

It is called "hpscanpbm" and you can find it on

Quote:>What about the Scanject 3C?  Can the program (where is it?) that handles
>the IICX also be used for the 3C?  Did someone already looking at the
>programming specs of the 3C or is somebody maybe working on it?

I would expect the 3C to be upward compatible, but I can't give you the
definite answer. I just bought a IIcx :-( and I don't plan on upgrading
any soon.