Adaptec SCSI AIC-6360 And Linux Slackware

Adaptec SCSI AIC-6360 And Linux Slackware

Post by Cerber » Sun, 09 Jan 1994 07:55:21

Ah, it's nice to be among those who are having problems installing Linux.

I have a 486/66 w/ 24mb ram an ide hd of 540mb and a scsi 1.2gb drive

I have an adaptec AIC-6360 cpontroller for it, it resides on my
motherboard (I own a zeos computer).  

I booted up the bootkern and root144m, and it
went to find the hard drives, it found my ide drive, hda1 and hda2
(i have boot manager running), but it didn't find the scsi drive

when my system boots up I see:

AIC 6360 Bios 1.01L
Target to: Maxtor 1240s  Instaleld as drive D:

so I know it's getting installed. In my bios, i have all my SCSI things
set correctly, as it works FINE from dos.  

Has anyone got any ideas? if so, PLEASE mail me

or post a reply here, i'll find it either place <:

Thanks all!!