OSCAR - OpenPBS/Maui configuration question

OSCAR - OpenPBS/Maui configuration question

Post by Chris Tell » Thu, 03 Jul 2003 05:10:43

I downloaded OSCAR and setup a small test linux cluster.  I was able
to submit jobs to the OpenPBS queue, however only one job will run on
each CPU.  The servers in the cluster could handle at least two jobs
on each CPU.  Does anyone know how to configure OpenPBS or Maui so
that it will run more than on job on each CPU at the same time?

1. Help! Apex Oscar on RS/6000?

We're trying hook up six RS/6000s (43P's, R40's, H70's)using an Apex
Oscar. Has anyone else got this to work? Apex has been almost zero help
on this matter.

At this point, we're using a null modem cable out of the switchbox to
the serial port... and we can see the console prompt, but after that it
won't recognize input from the keyboard. (We are using the the
recommended ELC-15TE terminal emulation box.)

Any suggestions would be apprecaited.

Excelsior!  -Cloy

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