Is there a firewall for slackware?

Is there a firewall for slackware?

Post by The Weasel » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 15:22:20

We are tring to setup a firewall to help protect data on our system.
Is there a firewall out there for slackware? I need to install it
on our gateway linux box.

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Maybe you can help me...

So, I have been assigned -> 255, my router lives on

I have decided to put in a firewall, and I would prefer to lose as FEW
Ip's as posible (I am already feelign the crunch) ... I cannot go to
NAT or Masq because of some of the security issues we deal with (IPsec
and some others).

So..... I want....

Router <----------> Firewall <---HUB---> Internal lan.
(...129)   (...130 eth0) (...140 eth1)  (...131-255)

I have slowly been learning that we can use subnet masks (have to) to
split this network up, and that I might be able to split it up
reasonably... but I can't really interprit the answer you got :)

So my questions...

1) What is the smallest way to split something like that up?

2) What would be the net/subnet/bcast info for each interface on
router/firewall eth0 and eth1

3) How do I assign more than one ip/subnet mask to a single ethernet
card? (for the firewall eth1)

4) What would be the subnet/mask for the machines in the
internal "cloud"?

Any pointers to how to begin to zen this would be appreciated :)


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