Dosemu VGA Graphics and Diamond S64D/PCI

Dosemu VGA Graphics and Diamond S64D/PCI

Post by Micha?l Moerma » Wed, 31 May 1995 04:00:00

I can't get DOSEMU to work with the {vga console graphics} option.
I have a Diamond Stealth 64 (DRAM) in a PCI slot.
I tried the above option line as well as other lines with chipset diamond and chipset S3.
I have two kinds of behaviour, either the dos emulator starts booting the dos session, the
screen blanks and nothing else happens. In this case I can kill the dos session by switching to
another console with Ctrl-Alt-Fx (Alt-Fx doesn't work). ANother behaviour is that the emulator
starts booting and immediately reports a CPU exception error which I can't really make out.
I tried starting the emulator with "dos -D+i 2> err" which should report ports that the
emulator tries to access and fails, but this didn't report anything wrong. Is this a problem
with DOSEMU or because I have a PCI bios, should I disable PCI bios support in the kernel or
something? If anybody encountered the same kind of problem and found a solution any help would
be most welcome.

By the way is there another more appropriate news group or mailing list in which to report
problems with DOSEMU?

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        Anybody knows how to configure dosemu (.60.1) which I run under
Linux 1.2.5 to get graphics. I tried many configurations in dosemu.conf
(and chipset s3 memory 2048) but only simple "vga" without graphics works.
My system is: VIP ASUS-SP3, PCI 2.0, AMD DX2-80, 16MB, Quantum 730 MB,

Oleg Bartunov, visiting astronomer, Lick Observatory, UCSC

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