Tablet and mouse

Tablet and mouse

Post by Alimin Bijosono Oe » Wed, 01 Aug 2001 02:34:05


I am using Redhat7.1 with kernel 2.4.2-2. I want to use my Wacom Intuous
graphic tablet and have succeded doing so only once.

When I connect the graphic tablet thru USB port before booting the computer,
kudzu recognizes it and asking question about my mouse. What should I answer
then? Last time I chose Microsoft Intellimouse PS/2 because my mouse is
intellimouse. After that, normal booting process went well but when Redhat
loaded, I couldn't use my mouse at all, I could use Wacom graphic tablet  
wonderfully well. A question then raised here, can I use both my mouse and
graphic tablet at the same time? If yes, how can I do that or what should I
answer when kudzu detects the new hardware at startup?

The next time, I tried to use Wacom Intuous graphic tablet from within a
running linux Redhat 7.1, checked that the module wacom.o was already running

but I couldn't use the graphic tablet at all. I had done the command 'gpm -t
wacom' but still couldn't use it. What's the problem here? Does that mean
everytime I want to use graphic tablet, I have to reboot?



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