Laser Printer by Brother (HL-1240)

Laser Printer by Brother (HL-1240)

Post by Rod Smi » Thu, 25 Nov 1999 04:00:00

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> Hi,

> I have a need to put my Linux machine with a local Laser printer.  So

> id: HL-1240.  I took a look but it does not say if the Laser printer is
> postscript capable.  I am started to wonder if such a printer without a
> postscript capability will be supported under Linux OS.

IIRC, the HL-1240 is a semi-crippled beast. It supports some relatively
low level of PCL (PCL 4 or thereabouts), which means you can get it to
crank out 300 dpi output under Linux, but no better. If you want a
Brother, look at the next higher-up model, the HL-1250, which is capable
of doing 600 dpi via PCL 5e.

If you want PostScript capability, there are other options, but most or
all of them will be more expensive than the low-end HL-1240 or even the
HL-1250. Beware of printers that have PostScript interpreters implemented
as Windows drivers; these are akin to Ghostscript, and do Linux users no

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