I need a feedback from Varicad users.

I need a feedback from Varicad users.

Post by francoi » Wed, 23 Dec 1998 04:00:00

I plan to buy a CAD software for drawing RC model parts.

I have reduced my choice between Autocad LT 98 and Varicad.
Otherwise, my dream is Mechanical Desktop 3.0. (at 500$, of course)

They don't have the same capabilities.
Autocad LT 98 is a tried and true , with reliable support, but 2D only, and
will never concurrence R 14 or MDT 3.0.

Varicad is 3D with much more potential, but with unknown bugs, support and

I have downloaded the demo version of Varicad.
I have played some hours with it. The user interface is not exactly

I would like to have feedback from long term users of Varicad (whatever OS),
if such users exist !

Thanks for posting.



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I recently installed VariCAD on my PPro 200 RH5.1 system (from
the applications CD which came w/ distribution). This is the
demo version and thus does not allow to save work (not a smart
choice for a demo, I would say). It also won't print! I want
to get postscript output that I can send to a postscript
printer, nowhere in the minimal documentation does it even
mention the word postscript. Anyone out there tried the demo
or bought the full version have any experience with getting
the thing to print?

The program seems OK, but how can I verify that it will do
what I need it to if it won't even print? Is the printing also
forbidden in the demo version, or is it particularly difficult
to get VariCAD to print? I have fired off a couple of messages
to the people at VariCAD, but no answer yet. Any other users
out there that can clue me in?


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