inndstart can't bind Address already in use --- *** SOLUTION ***

inndstart can't bind Address already in use --- *** SOLUTION ***

Post by Julian M. Fros » Mon, 01 May 1995 04:00:00

I posted a few days ago that after upgrading the kernel from
1.1.59 to 1.2.6, innd kept crashing saying that "inndstart cant
bind Address already in use".

One person told me to "RTFM"... which was a lot of help, thanks a
lot (and the faq that he suggested didn't even exist).

Another person, gave me the answer -- much appreciated. Here it
is, for all the other people who are having the same problem:

Edit the /etc/inetd.conf file, find the line that references
"nntp", and comment it out.

There! It took only one and a half lines to give the solution.
That's only one half of a line more than it took to say "RTFM".

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1. INNDSTART: inndstart can't bind Address already in use

I have installed INN as per the FAQ's and all the readme's BUT the
above message is given via the syslog file everytime I try and
start it.
# prompt back
tail -f /usr/adm/syslog

innstart: inndstart can't bind address alread in use.

what does this mean, comments please to

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