Need lib file, can't find it on sunsite.

Need lib file, can't find it on sunsite.

Post by Legion Commander Sandma » Fri, 05 Jan 1996 04:00:00

Netscape and a few other programs are whining to me for >
They won't seem to deal with, and thats the highest I can
find.  If anyone has this file, please either send it to me, or tell me
the site and exact directory to find it in.  Thanks.  

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1. convert 'a' lib' into 'so' lib

I am using a program that uses the glut program.  It seems that the only
version that runs on Solaris is the one for Solaris 7.  After compiling
it, it produces a 'libglut.a' file.  I am need of the '' file
because I use Solaris 8.

Does anyone know how to convert the 'a' lib into a 'so' lib?

Thanks in advance. . .

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