HELP: 'telnet.exe' fails when I run "ndc start"...

HELP: 'telnet.exe' fails when I run "ndc start"...

Post by mon.. » Sun, 28 Nov 1999 04:00:00

Hello here,

I have 2 PC's linked together very simply: one running on
NT as a client, and the other one that I use as a server
with Linux. Since I've performed a very small a simple
DNS configuration on my Linux PC, from the moment I run
the command "ndc start" on, I can no more telnet towards
it from my client PC. As soon as I shut ndc down -with
"ndc stop"- I can once again perform telnet connexions,
either with the host name of my Linux PC or with its IP
address (I've followed
linux/dns.htm/ instructions to create a domain name).

Does anybody know here what causes my Windows program
telnet.exe to fail every time I run "ndc [re]start", i.e.
every time the named daemon is up on my server ??

Thanks for any enlightenment !


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