Getting around Firewalls? (socks-proxy)

Getting around Firewalls? (socks-proxy)

Post by Craig Lamparte » Wed, 12 Jul 1995 04:00:00

Message says it all - Is there a way to use a 'socks-server' under Linux?
(Much like Netscape uses to proxy a bind to an address outside a firewall)

I've only seen socks technology implemented on hp-ux & Netscape.

email/post! thanx!



Getting around Firewalls? (socks-proxy)

Post by Andrew R. Tef » Sat, 15 Jul 1995 04:00:00

>Message says it all - Is there a way to use a 'socks-server' under Linux?
>(Much like Netscape uses to proxy a bind to an address outside a firewall)

I assume that you do have a socks server at HP that you have access
to. If you find the socks source package, it includes instructions
for socks-ifying the source of desired clients, plus a few sources
which you may be able to compile -- telnet, ftp, etc. -- which can
use the socks server.



1. Using SSH / Port Forwarding to get around local proxies & firewalls

As a visitor, in one of the classrooms at the local University, I am
not authorised to logon to their DHCP network (administrative delays).

However, I have just been given an account by my department here on a
linux machine (with sshd & such) that is accessible from the
classroom's network and to the outside internet which I have been told
will work in a port forwarding manner.

The problem is the machines on offer are all windows based, so not the
usual commandline options for port forwarding with ssh.

I have been reading and it seems that using PuTTY or MindTerm on
Windows (Win98) would allow me to forward HTTP:// requests and such
over the linux box and use the web from this room.

1) Does anyone have any recommendations on which Windows SSH client I
should use for this (use PuTTY for simple remote logins, but what is
best for the port forwarding?)

2) Am I using the correct terminology for what I want?  (i.e. being
able to conduct google searches for this)

3) Links to articles or tutorials and such...


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