Where to find a RH 7.1 beta CD?

Where to find a RH 7.1 beta CD?

Post by L.. » Wed, 07 Feb 2001 08:44:05

Does anyone know of a website which sells a RH 7.1 beta CD?  (probably
2 CD's)   I checked some of the sites like Cheapbytes, LSL, and KRUD,
but no luck.  Any suggestions?  

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Here is another RH install-related question.

1. I have two 'older' PC's (Pen 133's) ('95-'96).

2. I can install RH 7.0 without a single hickup -- all works just fine.

3. I cannot install RH 7.1 as a 'clean' install on either of them.

4. The systems always hang while installing the package's I've selected from
the CD.

5. I have three different sets of CD's for RH 7.1 -- two from RH and 1 from
a book.

6. The results are the same with any set on either machine.

7. Using the same CD's I can 'upgrade' one PC from 7.0 to 7.1,

    running in 'update' mode.

8. But I cannot 'update' the other PC.

9. Redhat support told me to upgrade my CD-ROM drive.

10. I have tried several (IDE and SCSI) in those machines -- always with the
same result.

11. I have two newer machines on which RH 7.1 works like a charm.

Thanks again.


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