Can't force ethernet card detection

Can't force ethernet card detection

Post by Ashish Goe » Tue, 19 Nov 1996 04:00:00


I have been trying to install Linux on my Pentium. Everything works
fine, I
even managed to get X running. But Linux does not detect my ethernet
card. The
ethernet card is a SMC. I looked in various Linux FAQs, and it seems
that I
can force Linux to detect the ethernet card by typing

linux ether=<irq>,<io_port>,<low_mem>,<hi_mem>,eth0

at the boot prompt for linux.

This is great, except that I didn't know what these parameters are. I
another partition, and installed Windows NT. And sure enough, NT
detected the
card. I looked up the diagnostics produced by NT, and got three numbers.

IRQ - 11
IO LENGTH - 0x80

The documentation for Linux said that I should enter -1 for the
parametrs that
are not applicable for this card. I can't figure out which, if any, of
three parameters (io_port, lo_mem, hi_mem) should be set to -1, and what
other parametrs should be.

Can anyone out there help me with this? I do have NT running and can use
it to
connect to the outside world, but I feel crippled without some form of
Unix on
my machine.

I have no manuals for the card. I tried calling SMC, but that didn't

Thanks a lot in advance for any help.


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Can't force ethernet card detection

Post by Thomas Eva » Thu, 21 Nov 1996 04:00:00

I have this card running, the important info is the port, I would use
your diagnostic/config disk to set the port to 300, boot linux, shouldn't
need to provide any parms, it will detect on its own. If 300 doesn't work,
try 280.
Tom Evans

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1. Option in Redhat 4.1 to 'turn on' detection of 2nd ethernet card?

Hi All.

(The below is all done with a standard RedHat 4.1 installation off of a

I've been banging my head against the wall trying to get my newly
installed linux box to
detect a second ethernet card (the two cards are a DEC etherworks DE203
and DE205 -
both fully supported according to the documention on the Redhat CD-Rom).
I've verified
through a separate DOS program that both cards are there and have no
resource conflicts -
one is at 0x300, IRQ 5, D0000, and the other is at 0x320, IRQ 9, D0800.
I've placed the
following in /etc/conf.modules:

alias eth0 ewrk3
alias eth1 ewrk3
options ewrk3 io=0x300,0x320 irq=5,9

In this case, eth0 detects fine, but no detection of eth1.

So I put

   linux ether=0,0,eth1

At the lilo: prompt when I boot, and still get no detection.

So I put

   linux ether=320,9,eth1

At the lilo: prompt, and again no detection.

So I tried putting both

   append = "ether=0,0,eth1"


   append = "ether=320,9,eth1"

Into /etc/lilo.conf, to no avail.

about every FAQ and HOWTO there is, and all say that one of the methods
above should work.
According to the RedHat documentation, the support for the second card
is in there and I don't
need to do any recompiling.  However, I am starting to think that maybe
making some kernel source
change and recompiling is my only choice.

Please.... does anyone have Redhat 4.1 working with two ethernet cards?
If so, what are the contents
of your relevant files, etc???

Andrew Lavigne

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