, needed by /usr/lib/, conflicts with, needed by /usr/lib/, conflicts with

Post by Geoff Rimme » Fri, 04 Apr 1997 04:00:00

I recently updated a few libraries, and seem to have missed something.
If I try to compile the following (

    int main() { return 0; }

using the following:

    gcc -o foo -lm -lstdc++

(I know I don't need those libraries for this simple program, but it
demonstrates the point).

I get the following error:, needed by /usr/lib/, conflicts with

Now, how do I fix this problem?  Is there a more up-to-date that uses rather than ?  The one I
downloaded was simply the binary version (no source that I could

I'd appreciate it if you could email me rather than just posting in
this newsgroup.  Thanks in advance.



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        I belive someone made this suggestion earier, but why don't we
have a LIBPATH variable or have it automaticaly check /lib then /usr/lib
then /usr/X386/lib? Would it break all programs in existance or be impossible
to implement?


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