Wednesday 20 December 2000 NYLUG Party and Raffle

Wednesday 20 December 2000 NYLUG Party and Raffle

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The party starts at 6:30 pm in the IBM building on 57th Street and
Madison Avenue on the Island of Manhattan.

Come on down!

Particulars below.

Corresponding Secretary LXNY
LXNY is New York's Free Computing Organization.


Letting everyone know that no * will be served nor is any allowed
into the party. Sorry, but we would lose the facility if we break these

Please check out our new web site which now offers terrific articles
written by William Abernathy and Greg Pennington. The new site still has
some broken links and some spelling errors, but mucho thanks go out to
Alan Chen, Sandy Greer, Jackson Maio, Dave Danziger, John Bacalle,
Ron Guerin and all the others who volunteered their time to pull this off.

- Jim

Jim Gleason               VA Linux Systems

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 Subject: [nylug-talk] Meeting Announcement: 20 December 2000

    New York Linux Users Group Holiday Party (NYLUG.ORG)

    Wednesday, December 20, 2000, 6:30-8PM at the IBM building, 9th Floor,
    590 Madison Avenue, Manhattan. Located near 57th Street.

    In place of our monthly meeting is a very special event, the first
    Holiday Party held by the NYLUG.

    There will be raffle for a Linux workstation (valued at $1,500)
    donated by VA Linux Systems, and a pair of tickets (valued at $200)
    for a lucky twosome cruise aboard the NYHRC Party Yacht, donated by
    the New York Health and Racquet Club. Tickets at $4 each will be sold
    at the meeting, with the proceeds used to help offset the cost of the
    party. So please be generous.

    Food and beverage will be served, with a big "Thanks!" to Dallas BBQ!

    With this meeting's focus on kibitzing and merriment the informal
    meeting speaker will be our own Jim Gleason, who will announce our new
    officers and the launch of the new and improved NYLUG.ORG Web site.

    The meeting will also lend an opportunity to celebrate and mark a
    milestone for our group: The two year anniversary of the New York
    Linux Users Group.

    The year 2000 marked many other events affecting our community, for

      * Continued success, growth and press ink for the Linux, Free
        Software and Open Source communities
      * A stunning high-profile antitrust trial verdict against Microsoft
      * An Apple UNIX
      * Linux becomes IBM's universal operating system
      * The release of the production 2.4 kernel (we hope!)
      * Sadly, the recent death of the author of the ubiquitous and happy
        sounding Ping utility

    On balance we have much reason to rejoice our good fortune, and ample
    inspiration to improve our lot and our technical communities. On the
    human front let us appreciate and care for our families our friends
    and neighbors this holiday season with equal enthusiasm.

    In that vein the New York Linux Users Group is sincerely thankful and
    indebted to the commitment, generosity and dedication of all the
    individuals and sponsors that contribute in ways big and small to the
    group and its mailing lists. NYLUG can never have too much of such a
    good thing.

    See you on December 20th. Bring your good cheer and positive thoughts
    for the raffle. And, to those who can't make it for any reason we wish
    you a safe, happy and fun holiday season.

    January 2001 Meeting Preview:
    David G. Korn will be our January special guest speaker. David is the
    creator of the Korn shell, one of the many available UNIXen command
    line interface shells. If all you know about the Korn shell is that
    its O'Reilly book cover is a turtle (why?) or that it is the OpenBSD
    project default shell you won't want to miss this meeting.

    David will be talking to us about the AT&T AST OpenSource Collection.
    This is a collection of software tools and libraries, including tools
    such as the Korn shell, nmake, and Graphviz.

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