DosEmu 1, DOS 0

DosEmu 1, DOS 0

Post by Mr. Og » Sun, 14 May 1995 04:00:00

  Score one for DosEmu.  Today I downloaded the lemmings 3d demo, and
tried it under dosemu first.  Worked like a charm, but seemed a bit
slow and no sound, so I rebooted to DOS to try it out.  No dice,
doesn't work, garbaged screen, computer hangs, no matter what I try.

  Time to start quoting that OS/2 slogan, "Better DOS than DOS"



1. DOSEMU: Newbie question: can't lauch dosemu from dos floppy

: Hello,

: I've tried to run dosemu ( right out off the box) with
: # dos

: with a bootable/system DOS diskette and it gives me the following
: ERROR: can't get floppy parameter of /dev/fd0 (Interrupted system call)
: error exit: (5,0x0005) in_sigsegv: 0 ignore_segv: 0
: Not a good day to die!!!!!

: Version information: from RedHat Picasso release of April 96,
: Linux Kernel  2.0.7

: $Header: /usr/src/dosemu0.60/init/RCS/config.c,v 1.6 1995/05/06 16:26:13
: root Exp root $

dosemu0.60 and Linux 2.0.x are incompatible. Get a newer dosemu from and its mirrors: pub/linux/ALPHA/dosemu/Development


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