strange problem

strange problem

Post by Martin Svensso » Tue, 20 Jan 1998 04:00:00


We're running Linux 2.1.72 and we're having some really weird trouble.
If I login to the machine (username: martin , uid=0, gid=0 so I become
root anyway) the first time everything is ok. The second time I login it
always says "Login incorrect", but if I login as a "normal person with
no root-access" and do a "su - martin" it works ok?

Can somebody help me? Please reply via email!



1. Strange problem: no problem with Linux, when I boot windows 2K network is down...


This is very strange problem, looklike this problem is not going to
leave me for months. I have a computer with Windows2K and Linux. I
have Netgear 4-port Switch/Router (connected to DSL modem). If I boot
with Linux, everything is OK, I can be on-line, also two of my other
computers works fine. If I boot my PC with Win2K, then immediately all
computers are down. None of the computer connected to network. I
thought some problem with LAN card, so I went for early bird sale on
day after Thanksgiving and I got one LinkSys PCI LAN card and one
Router and I plugged new LAN card into my machine, then I booted with
Windows, same problem. No problem on Linux side, then I changed my
Router with new Router, samething.

But if I bypass Router and connect directly from DSL modem to my Win2K
PC, then it is working. Why win2K pc is not working with Router.

I have two more XP machines connected top 4-port switch (one is with
cable and other one is with 802.11), they are working fine.

Can somebody suggest me, how can I fix this. I verified MAC address,
all are Unique MAC's.

Thanks in advance.

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