Post by ChaosA » Fri, 21 Sep 2001 12:58:03

I have 2 PC's running Win98 in my office, sharing a dialup connection using
Vsocks proxy server. My second PC without the modem also has Redhat 6.0. I
can browse the internet with Netscape in Linux after configuring the SOCKS
host to the 1st machine with Vsocks, however I cannot figure out how to tell
Linux where the SOCKS host is for anything else. DNS is configured correctly
(for example if I ping with kvt the proxy server is contacted & can resolve
an IP address to a domain name) but then does not seem no know where to send
the ICMP requests.

I cannot use Linux as the proxy server as one I need Win98 for work on both
PC's, & two I only have a winmodem which will not even work if Linux is
configured to boot from DOS with loadlin.

I had it working before, but after reinstalling Linux I can't remember what
I did.

Thanks in advance.