xkeycaps and xmodmap fro spanish keyboards

xkeycaps and xmodmap fro spanish keyboards

Post by Uwe Braue » Thu, 06 May 1999 04:00:00


 I tried to use xkeycaps to install a Spanish-like keyboard, however
 in the list of keyboards to be selected there was none available. Of
 course I could define it myself by hand, but I would like to know
 whether this was already done by someone.


Uwe Brauer


1. Spanish, Int. Characters, & Xkeycaps

        I am desperate and quite iritated at this point.  I have read the
entire manpage for xkeycaps and I still can't figure out how to map a
CONTROL-E to an e with an accent to make my spanish teacher happy.  This
is one of the few things that keeps pushing me back to Microsoft crap.  I
don't know how to generate the international characters in netscape or
emacs or anything and I am very FRUSTRATED.  If you could please help me
I would greatly appreciate it.  No one seems to know how to do this.  T



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