INTEL -> AT&T syntax-conversion ??

INTEL -> AT&T syntax-conversion ??

Post by Marc Alexander Dom » Tue, 19 Sep 1995 04:00:00

Hi there,

I need to port some assembler programs from DOS to Linux and
the DOS Assembler I use needs INTEL-Syntax, but GAS under Linux
needs AT&T Syntax.  So I wonder if there is any tool out there
which does the conversion automatically ?

many Thanks,

P.S. answers by email are appreciated


1. intel Syntax -> AT&T Syntax

i got some problems with porting assemler code from windows nt to
linux (both x86 !!!). because of the different notation
windows : normal intel syntax
linux       : AT&T syntax
it is possible of course to rewrite the code in the new syntax but it
would be great if there is a tool witch can convert an Intel assembler
code to AT&T syntax assembler.
if anyone got some expirience with these syntax convertion or got some
cool ideas of solving these problem.
please E-Mail me  :


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