Is a termcap entry needed to use rxvt ?

Is a termcap entry needed to use rxvt ?

Post by John P. Loon » Wed, 30 Apr 1997 04:00:00

 Hi. I'm trying to use rxvt and Vim 5.0 together. I have syntax
highlighting working quite nicely in GUI mode, and in monochrome mode
(using bold/italic/underline) However, I wish to use Vim's syntax
highlighting in a colour terminal too. However, it seems that when I start
it in a rxvt terminal, it assumes it's a monochrome terminal, and all
keywords etc. are highlight as per monochrome.

 Is this a Vim problem, or a rxvt problem ? Any idea how do I fix it ?
the fact that I don't have a termcap entry for rxvt and that Vim only has
xterm, vt100 and ansi terminal support builtin. (I mainly use xterms, and
I thought ansi supported colour terminals).

 Well, any help would be appricated.


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